Preserving memories for generations


Everyone has a story - their story. It's close, it's tangible. We cry tears of pain, heartache, agony, and joy - moments that seemed to have stood still. Those moments grow and shape us in so many ways.

The long talks, long walks...a gentle touch on the shoulder...that one last gaze into his deep blue eyes. 

You feel these moments, your heartaches as they burn into your soul and you replay them over and over.

Your story is beautiful. Your story has meaning. Your story is yours to be told.

I love to watch dramas ‘based on a true story’ of a person's life, how the director draws out the moments; the feelings, the triumphs and losses; to share that his/her story. That is what inspires me! I see moments in my head, I play them out like a projector on a blank space before me. A movie scene is born. I cry as I drive down a dirt road and see to my left a beautiful field at golden hour. A couple is standing under this tree, he brushes a tear from her cheek to say one last goodbye before he is gone for his deployment overseas... 

 As our lives continue, moments are created, our story is now written. We become who we are from these moments. I want to help tell your story. I want these types of moments to be seen that you weren’t even aware of, to see THROUGH an image - a smile, a tear, a touch...a story.

...for the bride who dares to be different. ...for the couple with adventurous souls.

...for couples that want their story to last for generations. 

...moments that are full of raw beauty, soul, and emotion.

Time is fleeting and so are moments. How are you going to leave your legacy in the moments you have? How are you going to tell your story?


My name is Blythe and I shoot weddings to visually and creatively tell your story. If you’re looking for vibrant, colorful, picture perfect, '1...2...3... smile' images I will say, “keep on looking” cause that is not what I am about. I will take portraits, yes! But it goes so much more beyond that when I capture with the intention to tell your story.

 Emotion - Timeless - Soul 

That is what I’m about. 

It's not about the picture perfect venues, gorgeous flowers, or delicate red velvet naked cake (although all those things are beautiful and amazing - please feel free to go for it). But in the end, when the food is eaten, when the flowers have withered and the party is over, it is about you and your story. Through the tears, joy, and moments that made you who you are and wrote your story. How do you want your story remembered?

Send me a message and lets have a conversation, share your story!




 A crinkled nose with an open-mouthed smile…a tear that is wiped away from the weathered face of a man who has loved, cherished and raised his only daughter as he gives her away to the man of her dreams. These emotions, felt and experienced on your wedding day, are the most precious moments in your life. Moments fly by. They pass so quickly, but not faster than the click of a camera. The emotions felt at that moment are what I want to freeze. I want to capture those emotions, those feelings, so that they might be relived, passed down, and felt…because of one simple yet important click turned that moment into a photograph, not just a memory.

Emotions are one of 3 important elements I focus on and look for each second I’m holding my camera. Emotions are a window into a moment gone and passed forever. Emotions tell a story…a story I want to be a part of capturing.


…A word meaning lasting, abiding, or classic. Throughout my childhood, seeing images of time past captivated me. I photograph people to preserve images that will be cherished and passed down through generations. A candid or posed wedding day shot always holds so much more for me than just the angle. When I look at photos of my grandparents’ wedding day, I realize there is so much more to it than just the picture. Pictures are not about quantity, how many likes it can get on social media, or the rad location. They are about quality and what the photo holds. I want to capture photographs that will last and be looked at by generations. That moment of love, of emotion, frozen still.


My biggest goal is to capture soul. When I photograph couples, I want to know their heart, character, personality - what makes them tick.

“The eyes are the windows into the soul.”  This quote is so true because when you gaze into someone’s eyes, you begin to connect to that person. However, there is so much more to a person’s story that only their soul can tell. Only, this story may not come out unless it is shared while exploring a new coffee shop or hiking up a mountain. I love the personalities I get to capture and stories I can share, whether simply by conversation, eye contact, or through adventures. I believe everyone has something inside they want told, something that moves them; something about them that they want to be known.