Shooting a wedding pregnant | 5 tips for being a mom boss

When I found out I was pregnant, due in September, and was going to be very pregnant (or in postpartum) during prime wedding season, I started to mentally prepare myself to kick butt!

I ended up shooting a wedding at 37 weeks (which involved a very hot august day, being eaten alive by mosquitos, and stepping in a fire ant bed during the sparkler exit) and another wedding at 7 weeks postpartum.

My thoughts?! 100% doable and would do again. I’m by no means an expert, but I do have some helpful tips for the good of all involved.

Shooting a wedding while pregnant

  1. Tell your brides before social media and friends. Your brides are putting A LOT of trust in you to capture “THE DAY!”. When finding out you’re expecting there are going to be concerns. The bride doesn’t need anything to add to her list of things to be anxious about. Let her know your expecting, but that you’re 100% comfortable with still being her photographer (although I wouldn’t shoot past 38 weeks).

  2. Have a Photographer on stand by. Try to find someone with a similar style that is willing to stand in for you in case you go into labor early. Since babies like to make their appearance either: A. when its most inconvenient or B. never wanting to come out, it’s not only taking away your stress, but also being a responsible and professional photographer that’s caring for her clients.

  3. Drink Water. Something that is kind of a “duh” thing, but easily forgotten. When you’re pregnant they say to double your water in take.

  4. Make extra time in the timeline. I always have wiggle room on a timeline because weddings are unpredictable and sometimes run behind. But, make sure you add an extra 5 minutes here and there because baby likes to bounce on that bladder. Or (TMI warning), in postpartum you might need to slip out and pump or at least compress out some milk out to avoid engorgement/mastitis.

  5. Have a 2nd shooter. If you don’t normally shoot with one, it isn’t a must, but it is EXTREMELY helpful. When you need to pee and don’t want to miss anything, need someone to help carry gear, or someone to keep that pregnant brain on schedule and on top of everything, having a second shooter is a life saver!

    Weddings are exhausting enough, but when you throw in being pregnant while taking away your mid-day nap, it can get rough out there!